Heishi Bead Bracelet with Turquoise


Created with vintage trade beads sourced in Japan. The shape of the beads vary by piece. A silver closure is made special for each one of the 22 Pcs collection. The materials include Japanese-sourced turquoise. The Heishi Bead Bracelet is handmade in Japan and available in two sizes; M (7.68") and L (8.46").

Mikia is a Japanese jewelry line designed by Aki Mitsubayashi. Using natural stones, African trade beads, and other unique materials, Mikia creates distinct pieces that complement any personal style. "On the road of our journey that no one could imitate, we are inspired by people, things, and scenes we meet along the way. They are our treasures and become our jewelry. We hope our jewelry has a closeness that expresses that quality of oneself."