Antique Red Glass Beaded Necklace

Larry Smith

Elegant glass necklace made in Japan has antique red glass and sterling silver beads. It is made in very limited quantities. Each bead is formed and polished by hand and includes Larry Smith's signature arrow infinity hook clasp. Every piece is made in collaboration and with inspiration from Native American artists. 24" in length. 

Yoshifumi Hayashida of Silversmith launched the Larry Smith brand in 2009. Inspired by the jewelry that Native Americans took the time and effort to make in the 1880s and 1940s, each piece respects their culture, spirit, and manufacturing attitude. Hayashida also puts Japanese techniques and sensibilities into his work. He uses motifs from the natural world or natural stones such as turquoise to create unique jewelry about comfort. Its sophisticated design and delicate stamp work is characteristic of the Larry Smith design.